Monday, March 25, 2013

Green Coffee Bean Extract Could Be Your Secret Weapon in the Battle of the Bulge

Green Coffee Bean Extract is quickly becoming the most popular way to lose weight! The beans have anti-oxidants that are much like grape seed extract and green tea. This extract has polyphenols that will help to reduce the free oxygen radicals. One of the beneficial properties of the Green extract is the chlorogenic acid that can be standardized to 30 to 50%. This is also known to be present is a traditional cup of coffee.
You can find the green coffee bean in a plant by the name of Arabica plant. The Arabica plant beans have a higher percentage of chlorogenic, caffeic acids, and are a higher quality bean. Chlorogenic and caffein acids are compounds that assist with anti-oxidant activity. You will not experience the negative effects of caffein in green coffee beans that you will experience while drinking boiled coffee.
According to many health officials they are a natural way to supplement your weight loss program. Many diets will tell you that you will have to change your diet drastically and exercise like crazy to see any results. However, with the green coffee bean extract you will not have to modify anything.
After a blind study with the extract and placebos the health industry came to the conclusion that the benefits from the green coffee bean extract was successful in assisting the patients with losing up to 18 pounds over a two month period. The results were based on patients who did not modify their everyday eating or activities in any way!
It is believed that the green coffee bean extract has the chlorogenic acid that is known to induce weight loss. The hyperglycemic peak and the natural rate of absorbing glucose are lowered by Chlorogenic acid. By taking this extract you will lose weight! Although the tests show that the participants have lost weight without modifying his or her daily activities and exercising routines, can you imagine what the supplement would do for a very active person who loves to exercise?
With people in today's society being so health conscious there are several weight loss programs and supplements available on the market. However, this weight loss product is all natural. When shopping for a diet supplement that is all natural make sure it says pure green coffee bean extract because there some knock-offs available on the market as well.
Okay, one of the most popular questions about this supplement is what size dose to take.
Studies show is higher does will be most effective in assisting you with your weight loss program. The results from the blind studies show that a person who takes the two 500 mg capsules before a meal two times a day 30 minutes before he or she eats has experienced a the most weight loss.Green coffee bean extract is a new natural way to lose weight without changing any of your activities' or eating habits. Try it today! What do you have to lose other than excess weight?

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