Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Green Tea, Wild Blue-Green Algae - Weight Loss and Premature Aging

Introduce four or five cups of green tea a day into your dietary routine and you can win from its weight-loss properties.
A growing number of studies are throwing light upon an impressive and growing number of health benefits inherent in green tea and some have even shown that people can shed a few pounds by the mere fact of swapping coffee for green tea!
Dropping coffee out of your diet and replacing it with green tea as your beverage of choice has been shown to have numerous benefits, not least because coffee is just plain bad for you.
However, this health step becomes a little pointless if one at the same time perseveres with a suicidal diet of burgers, french fries and take-out pizzas chased down with a few beers and followed by a pack of cigarettes, whilst glued firmly to the couch and the TV remote.
Some people of course seem dedicated to seeking out an early grave and becoming Jabba the Hut look-alikes whilst awaiting the early arrival of the Grim Reaper and who are we to deny them this right: in a democracy it is the God-given right of every citizen to make himself ill.
But for those who would like to live a bit and have some fun, invest in a teapot and some organic green tea and make sure you also enjoy an overall healthy diet that includes a lot of filtered or spring water, fresh green vegetables and fresh fruit and meat and dairy products that are as organic and un-tainted by the unethical practices of rapacious food corporations as possible. Such a diet must also exclude your health and waist-line's most mortal foes: refined sugars, refined flour and fast- and processed foods.
The optimum way to lose weight is not food fads or only eating turnips but by becoming overall healthy and that is achieved by a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise.
This is mostly common sense and one does not need to be an expert nutritionist or indeed become obsessively food-conscious to arrive at a basically wholesome diet that will lose you a few pounds, gain you more years of life and even save you a few dollars.
Green tea is, however, a great weapon to add to your health arsenal and should most definitely be part of your new diet. It requires after all not much more effort than remembering to put the kettle on.
Green tea improves metabolic rate and the body's ability to burn fat as well as providing antioxidants and helping decrease the villainous free radicals. Research has suggested that drinking tea has a beneficial effect on weight, fat accumulation and the activity in the body of insulin and you can of course do your own research by drinking it and seeing how you get on.
I especially recommend that alongside green tea you include daily consumption of wild blue-green algae at the foundation of your weight loss/better health diet.
Green tea and wild blue-green algae are both rich sources of antioxidants and antioxidants get rid of the pesky free radicals, which - to form a crude analogy - are to your cells as rust is to ironwork.
The body's defense against free radicals is to neutralize them with substances called anti-oxidants. The body therefore must have an adequate supply of anti-oxidants to neutralize the attack by free radicals.
It is the damage to various tissues caused by free radicals that causes premature aging and free radicals appear to be the waste product of an inefficiently working metabolic system. They cause damage because the body does not have enough anti-oxidants to neutralize them and this deficiency can result in damage that shows up as premature aging and other undesirable phenomena.
Therefore, in order to help slow down the aging process or at least eradicate premature aging, it is necessary to have an efficient supply of antioxidants.
Green teas and wild blue-green algae both provide that supply and so it is highly advantageous to have both of them working for you towards greater vitality and healthier weight.

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