Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Green Coffee Bean Extract May Just Be The Key to Cheap and Effective Weight Loss

Green coffee bean extract may just be the key to cheap and effective weight loss. In a recent research study, 16 overweight young adults taking a regiment of varying doses for a period of 22 weeks lost an average of 17 1/2 pounds.
All 16 participants lost considerable body weight without diet or exercise. During the study they took in rotation a low and high dosage of this extract and a placebo. Even though this was a very small study, the results were remarkable. The participants lost on average 17 1/2 pounds and reduced their overall body weight by 10 1/2 % and lost 16% of their body fat, all in 22 weeks.
This was all done while not changing their diet or exercise. As a matter of fact the subjects were monitored throughout the study and had an average intake of 2,400 calories per day and an expenditure of 400 calories per day. This amount of calorie consumption and expenditure is no place near the levels necessary for weight loss. However, substantial weight loss was achieved.
Why does green coffee bean extract cause weight loss?
There is a substance in green coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is very significant to plant metabolism and apparently has a similar effect on the human metabolism. Unfortunately, chlorogenic acid is removed when coffee beans are roasted, so you will not get the same weight loss effect from your daily cup of coffee.
It appears that the chlorogenic acid works by slowing the release of glucose from the liver into the bloodstream and raises the metabolism speed. In turn, as the release of glucose is slowed down, the human body will use fat cells for energy instead of sugar and of course burning fat cells will cause weight loss.
This extract not only causes weight loss but also offers a number of other health benefits. As a matter of fact, some doctors have even recommended green coffee bean extract as an effective supplement for hypertension for individuals who are looking for natural alternatives and are currently taking medication for high blood pressure.
This extract has been known to amplify the effectiveness of pain medications, especially for migraine sufferers.
It has also been recognized with assisting to diminish or alleviate mild depression symptoms by boosting energy levels and mood enhancing.
This supplement is also credited with having strong anti oxidant properties as well as the ability to lower blood sugar.
All of this with no known side effects.
Of course, it goes without saying that the most sensible way and for the absolute best results you should combine diet, exercise and this supplement. However, the green coffee bean extract on its own will benefit you in weight loss.
Unfortunately, your local drugstore does not carry green coffee bean extract. It is however available at most natural food and supplement stores, but rather pricey.
We have however, found an inexpensive way to buy green coffee bean extract.

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